Sub multiple choice check with contents appear even parent is uncheck

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I just build my a survey form with parents multiple choice and sub multiple choice.
in Pick up the task: I check 2 Tasks , Task 1 (Take Pic…) and Task2 (Document the …) .

  • Task 1 , I checked infrastructure 1 and 2 and I don’t want this task 1 , I only want Task 2 and Task 3 , by uncheck parents multiple and not uncheck the Infrastructure option.
    So, how to avoid this happen by just uncheck parents multiple choice and sub multiple will uncheck automatic .

This is checked . and the sub appear

This even uncheck and the sub appear .

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Could you provide a related extract of your form, please?

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My appologies to be get back late, I was a way. Please kindly find the attachment.
WASH InfrastructureSurvey_Pr.xlsx (46.6 KB)

Thank you