Submission of data to different accounts

Dear KoBo-Team,

I have a question regarding data collection with the KoBo app.

My organization has worked quite a lot with KoBo Toolbox, meaning that we are using different forms for different projects – often on the same collecting device, but with different users, namely a different one for each project. For submission, we used to change the user details according to the form/project we were collecting data for.

However, recently we discovered that data for one specific project was also submitted correctly even though the user details that were inserted were those from another project (same server, but different user and password). At the same time, and even though data was submitted correctly, it was not possible to download a new/updated form. This was only possible when using the correct user information.

Although we were able to successfully submit data even without having inserted the correct user information, I am still wondering if this will now work for all projects? I remember that this did not use to work a while ago. Also, if you have any concerns regarding this, it would be great if you could share them with us, as I am afraid that we might lose data in the future if we proceed like this.

Thank you very much for your support!


Welcome to the community, @Rebekka! Are you collecting data for different projects from a same user or different projects for different user? If you are collecting data for different projects from a same user the same configuration should work and you need not worry. But if it’s for a different projects for different user you will need to configure your Collect android app to submit the data to those different users.

Hi, thank you very much for your reply!

We are submitting data for different projects with different users.

Does this mean that I have to change the configuration (username and password) every time data is submitted to a different project or is there another way to do the configuration for different users that would not require changing the username/password every time I submit data to a different project?

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@Rebekka, if you are using the same device to collect data from different projects from different users, you will need to change the configuration for each submissions. Doing so will only help you connect your Collect android app with the server.

But as said earlier you need not change the configuration if you are trying to submit submissions from different projects from the same users.