Submission was sent without any data

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A submission was sent without any data. The form contained mandatory questions, yet submission was allowed. The user informed that he collected the data and saved them, but at the time of submission they were not displayed. I believe that the data were saved but were not visible, so the sending permission even with mandatory questions. What could have happened?

Below I provide the link to my form:
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And image of how the data arrived on the server. the columns “data” and “veículo” are mandatory.

Welcome to the community, @marcelsilva! It seems like you have only sent one submission to the server so far. Could you submit some dummy submissions to see if all these dummy submissions behave the same way? Please let us know what happens. The details you provide should be helpful for troubleshooting.

Multiple submissions. only this one delivered only with metadata information.

Hi @marcelsilva,

Can you kindly answer questions below:

  • Do you make changes to your form after the data collection started, in other words, does your form have multiple versions?
  • Does your form have calculations? Do you change the calculation question in any version?
  • Can you see the data when you click view button? (The button looks like an eye, left of the edit button - which looks like a pencil)

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Hello and thanks for your attention. This community is amazing.

After the beginning of data collection there was a change in the form but this change had already received several submissions regularly, both from the mentioned user and from others.

I believe this is an error related to the form auto-update functionality. When the app looks for the update, it may generate a delete in the data that is saved.
I have not added a calculator but there is one created by the system to display the current version of the form.
I couldn’t see the submission data even when I clicked the view button, only metadata was preserved.

I discovered the problem. My data collection project runs virtually 24/7, so any hints or signs of a future problem demand attention. After submission, the collector user himself deleted the data through his app. When there is permission to delete only the metadata remains.


Thank you for sharing this with the entire community @marcelsilva! :clap: :heart: :tada: We would also appreciate if you could share the exact steps so that we could reproduce this at our end.

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