Submissions not shown in KPI while shown in Projects (legacy)

Because we need to use “select_one_from_file” and “autocomplete” , we are using the legacy KoboToolbox version on, but I cannot figure out how to export the data. The “Legacy Rest Service” section is blank. How do we export data collected in the legacy system?

You should be able to export your data normally. Can you confirm if you are able to do that through new system?

The new system says there’s no submissions, but on the legacy system, there are 4 submissions. It doesn’t seem like the new system is getting data from the legacy:

Hi @onesky,

Kindly please be informed that if you create your survey form through the Projects (legacy), you will not be able to sync them with the KPI (KoBoToolbox Form Builder User Interface). However, our developers have synced the same for you manually at the moment. We request you to create your survey forms through the KPI instead of using the Projects (legacy) in the upcoming days.

Have a great day!

Hi Kal,

What will happen to new projects we create in the future? Will we just need to contact you to do the manual sync each time?

Hi @onesky,

If you look closely at the warning message, you will see something as shown below:

We do not recommend users in creating survey form using the Projects (legacy). It’s possible to do everything from the KPI (Form Builder User Interface). Hence strongly recommend not to use the legacy.

Have a great day!

We are using Legacy mainly because we need to use select_on_from_file and autocomplete. Is there a time frame for when the new platform will support those features? We would of course prefer to use the new interface.

Hi @onesky,

The KPI should be able to perform all (or even more) then what the legacy should be able to perform. Hence, we recommend users to use the KPI instead of the legacy. The select_one_from_file should work smoothly with KPI.

For more on this, you could also have a look at the support article here.

Please let us know if you see anything not working in the upcoming days.

Have a great day!

We are using the, and when we use select_one_from_file we get the following error. If we load the exact same XSL file on the Legacy system it works, but it doesn’t work on Please advise.


Just checking if there are any further updates on this? Thanks!