Submitted data (with calculate question type) not populating in edit view

When I submit a record that contains calculations, I see the calculations in the record under DATA > TABLE columns. But when I click on the ‘Open’ (eye) button on the record, I do not see the calculations populated.

I created a public form as a test case.

Please find the screen shots below.

Notice the 0.02 and 0.04 values present in the record but missing in the popup


Hi Mohammed,
Calculate questions will not show up because this view option provides a more else structure similarity to your form as it would appear during data collection. If you need to see your calculate questions, then you should consider using other types of questions which will then allow you to make them calculate and also visible. Have a look at this article on advance calculate.


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Dear Stephane,
I would like to propose adding this hint in the support article (to the Note point on page 1).
Best regards