Submitted forms not available on the server

Hi, please have a look at the attached image. Though the user has submitted data pertaining to this particular school (TWREIS BOYS KANDUKUR), the data is not visible in the Table view on the sever. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Please help.

Welcome to the community, @inquilab! Could you also let us know your team’s mode of data collection (Enketo web form or Collect android app)?

Hi @Kal_Lam , we are using Enketo web form.

@inquilab, maybe you will need your team to go through this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms to see if s/he successfully submitted the data to the server. Sometimes, the data keep stuck in the browser hence the user assumes that it has been sent to the server.

Thanks for sharing the support article @Kal_Lam. We will have a look at it. However I am a bit confused about the particular school name being listed in the filter drop down of the Table view. Does it mean that the data was saved to the server but subsequently something went wrong?

@inquilab, OK, so you mean the data in the table does not show up? It seems like you already have 145 submissions in your project.

Does the table not show up when you refresh your page?

Yes @Kal_Lam . We have these 145 submissions which are perfect. But some records somehow are missing. And it doesn’t show up even after refreshing.

And one more thing. We are collecting two to three pictures in each submission. Will that have something to do with this issue? Picture size too large or something?

@inquilab, do you mean you still have some data missing apart from the 145 submissions already on the server? Or are the 145 submissions you have on the server not displayed in the table?

Hello @inquilab,
Can you be sure that the enumerator selected the right school (choice-item)? And is this a mandatory question?
Ca you check this form with the online validator and make sure that there are no duplicates in choice names?
Did the enumerator see that his/her data have been sent? Are there no not yet sent cases on his/her device?

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Hi @wroos , thanks for your support. I will look into these queries and revert soon.

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