Suddenly I cannot open submissions though kobotoolbox site "edit button"

Hello, our work group has been using kobotoolbox non-humanitarian server for some forms dynamically attached. The forms were working just fine from january 2024 until yesterday 2024-02-23.


From what I could see, we were able to submit new entries in the parental form normally at first, but all the summissions we sent in 2024-02-23 where neither capable of been attached to the child form, nor we could open those submission via the edit button in the kobotoolbox site.
Today I tried to submit a mock entry in the parental form and it got stucked in line, at to get it worse, other entries submited on other days are not opening anymore (neither in parental nor in child form).

I got the following error when trying to edit any submission

(The error is writen in portuguese - but it would translate as:
You cannot acess this site
The connection was redefined)

To better adress the problems:
1- Submissions on parental form are getting stucked in line
2- We cannot open any submission through kobotoolbox site “edit button”
3- These submissions won’t attach normaly to the child form (working just fine until 22-02-2024)

Do you guys have any ideia in regards to these problems? Thanks in advance.

Could these errors be related to server maintence?

Welcome back to the community, @victorota! Is this an issue from the Dynamic Data Attachment from the Global Server?

Yes, we are using the global server.

I was thinking those problems were probably related to the submissions, and not to the Dynamic Data Attachment as itself

From the testings I doing here on my end it seens I cannot send new submissions without getting stuck on the line nor open any submission from any form through the “edit” option in kobotoolbox site, I looks like a generalized problem, even when changing account, or trying to open really simple forms, nothing is really working…

Do you have any idea why this would be happening, or have you seen other complains like this before?

Hello Kal_Lam, I would like to report that the forms start working normally again as of today, without any issue.
Was it probably related to the maintence of the server?