Sunday, Jan 30 - 2022 - Server slow / 504 / 502 errors


I’d like to ask if there are server issues occuring at the moment on the non-humanitarian server?

I’m really struggling today to do things on the platform. I’m getting regular issues of:

  • pages loading very slowly (e.g. 30+ seconds to load a form’s media list)
  • requests often failing, either with 504 Timeout or 502 Bad Gateway errors.

My form uploads via the API were also either failing or taking upwards of 10 minutes to process, when they are usually completed within 10-30 seconds.

This has been happening for the past 3 hours. I’m trying to do some emergency updates to forms that will be used in the field tomorrow.

If there are known server issues happening at the moment, please could you let me know here when those issues get resolved, so I can make sure the field teams I’m supporting get access to the data they need as soon as possible.


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Hi @degami, the issue seems to be resolved by now.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

Thanks, yes it seems like it got back to normal when I retried things in the evening (around 6pm GMT). Thanks to your server team for the work they did to fix whatever the issue was.

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Thank you for confirming @degami!