System requirements for a 30-user deployment

Can you please provide me the details of server requirement(core RAM and so on) for the kobotoolbox having 30 user and also i wants some help on, can we deploy the kobotoolbox on windows server 2012R2 if we can then please provide me the documents if available.

We haven’t done much testing to see what the requirements are for small installations like this. I do remember having the build process fail if less than 2 GB of RAM are available (@nolive may recall more details). CPU speed is not a major issue unless you have large forms; if you do, and your CPU is too weak, then you may get timeouts during XML transformations (when previewing or deploying forms, for example).

If you want to deploy on Windows, you’ll have to run Docker inside a Windows VM for now. I know that Docker supports Windows as a host environment, but we haven’t adapted our configuration for that yet. Use Ubuntu LTS as your OS inside the VM.

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