The user cannot view photo given

The user cannot see submitted photo via enketo in Data/Table with special granted access mode (Edit submissions only from specific users). kindly have advise?

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@sophearom, can this be viewed through the admin account?

it can be view as normal for my admin account and share to others user without use (Edit submissions only from specific users) also working. The issued error only when we share and use enable option (Edit submissions only from specific users).

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@sophearom, would you mind sharing with me the following through a private message so that I should be able to test it at my end:

  • Admin user account
  • Enumerators user account (with whom the project was shared)
  • Project name
  • Server

@sophearom, when testing the same with Chrome I could see the image both in the admin as well as the enumerators account. Could you confirm if you are able to see it at your end? If no, will also make a dummy project at my end and then test it.

@Kal_Lam , no still cannot see photo, if we enable option as highlight.

OK, will check this at my end by creating a dummy project.