"Trailing quote on quoted field is malformed"

Dear all,

I encounter an error “Trailing quote on quoted field is malformed” when trying to preview the questionnaire in XLSform format uploaded on Kobo.
I uploaded a version of my questionnaire on Kobo platform. It was working perfectly two days ago and now does not work anymore. The funny thing is that when testing the validity of the XLSform on ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x (getodk.org), no error is returned. Also the questionnaire can still be deployed and the kobo collect app is running normally.

However, when I try to preview the questionnaire on Kobo website, a message error appears and the questionnaire cannot be previewed.

I have checked the XLSForm and could not understand why this error appears (the file seems ok).

Would you have an idea of what could have happened and how I could resolve this?


Welcome @Enilua38,
could you share the related part of your form here, please, to facilitate support?

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@Enilua38, would also be helpful if you share with the community a screenshot of the error message you are seeing.