Trouble with the data upload seems To take time

We have some issues with the upload of the data we’ve been collecting. We have a tendency of seeing the data being uploaded many days or sometimes weeks prior to the collect. We also have some data that might be stuck in the caches so what is to do ? And how to access the caches ? And do we have access to the data in these cache. We probably have lost some data because of those problems that occurred. Internet connection seem to be an issue too.

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Welcome to the community, @immeuble_a_immeuble! Are you trying to submit your data collected through Enketo aka web forms?

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Hi @immeuble_a_immeuble
I believe the root cause of your issue is a lack of proper internet connectivity and potential clearing of browsers on your devices.

Do you mean prior or after collect? You may need to provide additional information around this.

You should try submitting this on good internet connectivity. Remember not to clear your caches.

This would happen if the cache on the collecting device was cleared



Thank you, for your quick anwser. Yes we submitting our data through Enketo.

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Thank you for your response. I mean after the collect. Sorry, english is not my first langage. :slight_smile:

We are currently formating the tablet to see if the problem come from the software or the harware. We are using firefox as a browser, i don’t know if this could be an issue.

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@immeuble_a_immeuble, firefox should not be an issue.