Troubles to view the DATA>Table

Dear Kal,

Hope you are well,

Unfortunately, We are having the same troubles viewing the data form. it’s an intermittent problem but this hinders our work.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-24 at 8.08.00 AM

Also, sometimes does not appear the entire information in the data form

Can you help us?


@eacseguimiento, lately, we have observed this to be a browser-specific issue. Would you mind trying to view the same in a different browser? You should not see this error.

Usually, my team uses Chrome but right now we tried with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla and we have the following message:

Different message in Mozilla

Same error in Edge

@eacseguimiento, I was refereeing to the second thread of this post where you have circled the missing information. But looking at your current thread it is more clear that you get an error message under the DATA>Table. This has recently been an issue with KoBoToolbox and we are looking at it more closely. Will reach you out when this is solved.

thank you for the quick answer, we understand that it is a problem with the data view, so we can continue uploading data?

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Yes, you could continue. Kindly please be informed that it should not affect the data that is stored in your user account.

for now, we don’t have any problems uploading data, effectively it is a problem to view the data


@eacseguimiento, could you kindly confirm if this is solved at your end?

Dear Kal, solved! thanks a lot

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Thank you for confirming!