Two answer per question

We want to deploy a from among our supervisors to ask them to evaluate community health worker
Every question in our form asks the supervisor to imput two answers

  1. quality from 0-4 AND 2) quickness 1 to 7
    the form should be usable from kobo collect android app,
    which kind of question should i use ?
    question; how does community health worker react to Covid positif results ?
    quality 0 - 4,
    quickness 1-7
    matrix could be a solution but i think that matrix does not work on kobo collect
    any ideas ?

So maybe it’s a total of 3 response you will be needing to capture for a single question. Correct?

Yes if possible we would want to capture then for a single question

KoBoToolbox should support one question - one response (it could be any depending upon the question type you choose). Maybe you could format the number and question to get what you require.

In the survey tab of your XLSForm:

Image 1

In the choices tab of your XLSForm:

Image 2

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference XLSForm:

Format Question.xlsx (13.3 KB)

Our community should have other tricks that could meet your need though.