Type of question : Chose between different symbol, picture, or color (useful for botanist and mycologist)


I’m a young botanist et mycologist that love this application to make inventory of wich flowers or mushrooms are grown in different habitat.

In that sens, it would be so useful to have the possibility to make questions that we can have the choice between different image, symbol or even color (color could be acceded by a virtual color paint tool). It can serve for a botanist for exemple, when it’s time to describe a species, to choice between different type of leaves (symbol would be great for that with the possibility to have text at the same time)

That’s my guess, that it can improve substantially the rapidity to make natural inventory for insect, plants, mushrooms, or whatever you want describe. It can help non-initied people to make there own inventory and share with the scientific community

First improvement : mutliple choose by color (with a tool to make any color possible)
Second improvement : Dowload symbol or image, to put them in the choice of a question with the possibilty to have text at the same time to describe the picture.

Welcome to the community, @mycorhyza! Have you gone through our support article Adding Various Types of Media? Maybe it should solve with what you are looking for.

Hi ,

Great ! It is what i expected ! Thanks for your quick answer. In that case, about the color, do you thinks it is possible to join a color tool. It’s possible to join an image, but it can be long to do this in that way.


For the colour, you will need to use the colours as a separate image. This should solve your issue.