Unable add new users to surveys

We are trying to add newly registered users to an existing survey so they can translate, edit the form. However when we search for the user ‘ap_2021’ in Add user options in settings page we get an error ‘ap_2021 does not exist’.

Please note that this problem occurs only on those kobo accounts that are newly created.

If you have already existing account, then you can search and add it normally.

Attaching a test case :

Test Case

  • Create an new account on kobo.h.i (ensure it is the same server as where the survey is created)
  1. Head to KoBoToolbox
  2. Fill in the new account details.
  3. Activate the account
  • Open your project on Kobo.h.i using your existing account and go into settings and click ‘Add User’ and use the newly created account.

Expected Behavior: New user is added with given permissions to the survey.

/cc @Kal_Lam

Welcome back to the community, @arky! Would you mind checking out if the user account that you recently created is active? Sometimes you may not have activated your user account and thus this could be one of the reasons for not being able to add permissions to the same.

Well, I checked your user account ap_2021 and could see that the same was active under the HHI server.

The other thing you will have to keep note of while sharing permission is that the user account you are currently trying to share permissions with ap_2021 should also be under the same server i.e. it should both be under the HHI server. If your admin account i.e. the account you are using and trying to share with ap_2021 is in the OCHA server and you are trying to share permissions with ap_2021 which is in the HHI server should not work.

Maybe you should be able to learn more through our support article Managing Permissions.

I am working with @arky. Thank you for the comments. My team members and I will hopefully solve this problem based on the comments. Tomorrow, fingers crossed we will all be able to edit the questionnaire.

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