Unable extract certain form data using Python API Code


I have created a form in Kobo which includes personal information questions and non personal information questions.

I am using Python API code to pull the form data into a Google Cloud bucket from Kobo. I have tried to extract only the non-personal information data from Kobo to the Google Cloud bucket.

This documentation (https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/) informed me to add tags to the questions and forms to extract only certain data. Therefore, I put tags on the personal information and non-personal information forms (and questions within the forms) to differentiate between them in the Python API.

However, when I add tags to individual forms and questions (e.g. #nonpersonalinfo and #personalinfo), if I add the tag in the API code with #nonpersonalinfo, it will simply extract everything and not just the data identified with the tags.

response = requests.get(
headers={‘Authorization’: ‘token 294fa03b506aa66450893139b5a3909f16eaff7f’})

This returns all data (personal and non personal info) into the bucket, and not just the non-personal info.

Could somebody offer some help on this issue please?

Kind regards,