Unable to access account outside of community form

Hello, I am unable to access my account as the system indicates that my username and/or password is incorrect which it is not. I am also unable to reset my password. Please advise as I have work to do.

Hi @chidimmaoc
Welcome to the community forum. Kindly review this article which describes how to reset your password. Remember to check your junk email if you do not receive the email.


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Thank you for sending this article. I’ve done all of those things and sent a third email to the support team. My hope is that they resolve this as quickly as possible as it’s delaying my work.

Kindly send me a private message and tag my colleague @Kal_Lam and me with the following information:


We shall then send a temporary password to the email that owns the account.


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@childimmaoc, please be informed that I have activated your user account. You should now be able to use it smoothly.