Unable to complete installation

Hi all,
please I need your help. I am unable to deploy kobotoolbox on my server. I run the process with kobo-install with the current version master on kobotoolobow website at this URL: GitHub - kobotoolbox/kobo-install: A command-line installer for setting up and running KoBoToolbox on a remote server or local computer, using kobo-docker.. It runs well till the step of pulling kpi where it takes a while and at the end it gives an error message . I tried it many times but it is still the same error message. I run it with a public IP without a reverse proxy and I choose to install the certificate. I also tried it without installing letsencrypt SSL certificate but I got the same error.
Kindly help me !

try using sudo

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I am already running the installation with sudo. Even as root I have the same error !

Hello kindly assist me please I need to get it working