Unable to delete multiple records rather doing individually

Wanted to know how to delete multiple records in one click, before final survey I need dummy entry and finally go for final survey and delete all draft record with one click. I could be done one by one, but how can I do for deleting multiple records in a single click?

Hi @sislam,

Understood that you could only delete submissions one by one but could not delete multiple submissions that you submitted to the server.

At the moment, KoBoToolbox does not have the feature to delete multiple submissions. However I would suggest you to flag this feature to the developers (by filling up the issue in the suggestion box) so that you as well as many other KoBo Users would be able to benefit when it’s there in the KoBoToolbox.

For filling up the suggestion box, please use the link below:


Click on “New Topic” and start providing your suggestions for further improvements that you wish to see with KoBoToolbox.