Unable to fill form due to error in locale

pls how can i solve the problem show up when i want to fill blank form, it is showing error due to locale

Hi @marswork,

I found a similar problem that was reported by one of our community member in May 2013. I am sharing you the link (Error-text not localizable for default locale) assuming you would be able to benefit from it.

Would it be possible to share your screen shot and the uploaded questionnaire if the problem still exists?

the problems error massage is still coming up

Hi @marswork,

Could you share with us the screen shot and the uploaded questionnaire? Hope the same would make us more clear on the issue!

How i could not upload the form, kobocollect said new users cannot upload attachment. please can i get your e mail

Please help me

Hi @marswork,

Could you kindly share your XLS Forms so that i could figure it out to solve the issue.

Thanks i will

Hi @marswork,

Please be informed that i simply deleted the β€œ::English (English (en))” that you mentioned behind the label in the survey tab and choices tab. Similarly i too removed the default language column from the settings tab. You should only mention this when you have more than two different languages in the survey questionnaire!


Great regards kalyan lama

Is still showing Q_13_which_daily_or_weekly_newspaper_are_ussually

hint:text is not localizable for default locale [default]!

Please u can upload to your kobo account to check it.The message always come up when FILL BLANK FORM is cllick

please help me check it sir, is not working yet

Thanks, will go through it and respond to you!

Alright thanks

Still for your response.

HI Kal, hope you are cool. Just still curious to hear from you

My internet here is really very slow and am not able to test it now. However will get to you by tomorrow (i.e. approximately after 14 hours). If in case my internet improves, will let you know even earlier!

Can’t thank you a much.
But i will like to know better.
Am henry samuel a Nigerian working with MARS, I studied statistics.

Hi Henry,

Please check your mail. I found additional errors (besides those that i mentioned above) which caused the problem which is as follows:

  • There was one additional column ($given_name) which I deleted.
  • Then i simply converted the (guidance_hint) to (hint).
  • For details about guidance hint and hint please have a look to the following help article (Hint vs Guidance Hints).