Unable to get blank forms to 'Collect android app'

Hi @Kal_Lam I am having the same issue now, The form had already been deployed. We made a slight change to the forms yesterday, and now we can’t get a blank form on the mobile app. The form loads well when using a browser. Please assist.

If this is the case, it may be an issue with some syntax issues in your xlsform. Try downloading your xlsform and then validate them through this online validator. Note: You may also have to look beyond what the online validator shows. Sometimes, there are issues that the same too do not capture.

I have checked the online validator and the form is okay. I have also gone through the syntax manually and everything is okay. When i create a new project using the same exact form, i am able to download the survey on the mobile app. However when i update/clone the original survey using the same form, it brings up the failed error when i try to get blank form on mobile

Can i share with you the log-in details for the project via direct message and you can have a look please?

Maybe you could share your xlsform with the community. The community should be able to help you solve your issue by identifying the syntax issues present within the xlsform.