Unable to preview a survey form if the xlsform has rows more than 254


We are creating the form with the help of Excel sheet, and uploaded the Excel sheet into the Kobotoolbox.org,

If the Excel sheet is more then 254 rows then the form is unable to preview.

Could please help us.

That’s odd; there are a lot of longer forms that are working properly (for example, I was just working with a form that has 300+ questions). There’s probably something else with the form structure that’s causing an issue. Is your XLSForm—the one that does cannot be previewed—confidential, or could you share it here?


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While uploading the file we are facing an issue that “new user cannot upload the file”.

The Excel file consist of 700 lines.
So please find the attached link of Excel file:


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Thank you for sharing the form. I’ve tried uploading it to kf.kobotoolbox.org with success. I was then able to open the form in Enketo and make a submission.

Could you help us figure out the problem by taking a screenshot of the error?


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We are not getting any error message but if we try to preview the form it keeps “loading” till we close the previewing.

I have recorded the process of uploading and previewing the form in below link


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probably the excel has an error or space on it or your network connection may be poor

Hi @keerthi

Please check row 119 and let me know if that resolves the loading issue.

Hi Mike,

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I have done the correction of the XLS file. Still the loading issues is not resolved.
And I have changed the network connection and try to preview the form, but still the issue is not resolved.
Please find the XLS file in the below link.


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Could anyone get a chance to look into the issue. We are waiting for your response.

We have checked in different networks too. But result is same as in video.

Video URL:

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let me see what i can do

It works fine are you using your own server?

Hi @keerthi

I am still seeing an error message.

Try uploading your form here to spot and resolve all the errors: https://opendatakit.org/xlsform/

i think the xls looks fine here is the form on my cloud https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/#kwALtl29

@keerthi, can you take a screenshot of the network information in your developer console when you experience the loading issue? I still can’t reproduce your problem. Previewing your form is slow (it takes over 16 seconds), but it does load for me. Here’s the kind of information that I’m looking for:

No, We are not having our own server.

@keerthi i think this is your form looks like https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/#kwALtl29 its kobotoolbox server it works perfectly.

are you using VPN or Proxy server or check some firewall policy of your organization


Thanks for response!

Now the form is working fine. No idea, whether the network issue or form data error, I tried to create the form and Upload it again then looks fine.