Unable to read question matrix from XLS file

I have a form with a question matrix. After downloading it as an XLSForm file and re-uploading the file, the question matrix disappears (i.e. gets replaced by misformatted non-matrix questions; each row becomes a group). Even if the file is downloaded and uploaded without any changes being made, this issue still happens.

Unfortunately as a new user I cannot upload attachments (the test form I used and screenshots) but steps to reproduce this are:

  1. Create a new form “from scratch”
  2. Add a question matrix, 2 columns by 2 rows is enough
  3. Download the form as XLS
  4. Create a second form by “uploading an XSLForm” and selecting the form downloaded in (3)
  5. Opening the form created in (4) for edition

Has anyone come across this before? Am I missing something obvious?
Thanks for the help!


This is a known issue when editing a matrix question off the formbuilder. I have however documented this as a bug here so that our advanced users can be able to chime in.

Generally when you want to send a document you can also provide a link to the cloud storage of the form. Remember to ensure that the document does not contain any identifier information that could breach the ethical guidelines for data sharing.