Unable to ReDeploy form(Your own server)

I have installed kobotoolbox in my own server
everything is working fine , form is also getting deployed
but when i am trying to redeploy it is throwing error saying :-
your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

Here i am attaching screenshot

i have validated form and there is no error

Hii Kal_lam
I am trying to redeploy form in my kobotoolbox setup(its on my own server Ubuntu)
I am getting following error

I have validated the form and there is no error
can you please help me

@rajesh3034, if your xlsform is clean while validating them with the online validator, no issues are seen while uploading and deploying them with one of our publicly hosted servers. It could be an installation issue at your end.

I installed it using kobo-install
kobo-install/python3 run.py