Unable to redeploy form

Hello all,
Hope you are doing well,
I have a problem when I redeploy a updated form,
Please any help
it is give me this error message:

Yes same problem i faced. Its too urgent and important i hope they will answer us !

Hi @ali_ali,

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Hi @emreozkan90, @ali_ali,

Thank you for flagging the issue. Have already reported this issue to the developers. Will get you back once the issue is solved.

Have a great day!

Hi @ali_ali, @emreozkan90,

The issue has been resolved. Could you kindly please confirm.

Have a great day!

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Hello @Kal_Lam
Thanks a lot for your support,much appreciated.
The issue is solved.
I redeployed form successfully.
Have a nice day.
Best regards.