Unable to redeploy

I have a problem redeploying my form. It is displaying unable to deploy form because it contains errors. Any help please.

Hi, can you go to your"choices " tab and look in the" name" column.

It is best if each choice name in the name column is unique.

Do you have any duplicate choice names?

The error is most likely because of this.

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Welcome @davy_d
The issue is explained in the XLSForm documentation, XLSForm Docs.
Hint: Often, using the search function of this forum (and the Help Center articles) can also provide help, see e.g. Search results for 'allow_choice_duplicates' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.
As Jana explained, normally all names for the same choice_list should be unique. (Of course same names can be used in different choice_lists.)

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