Unable to share project with specific user

Dear community,

I’m working to deploy a form design for a quarterly report and the idea is to grant access to each project to view their data. But it seems that there is something wrong with kobo sharing because I can’t see the data after specifying the username. Please see picture below

The specified user couldn’t see the data in his account. He can only when we grant general permission. Could you please help solve the issue?


@Gaspard, it only works if you configure the settings before collecting the data. The feature does not work for the data which is already collected and is on your server. You can find more details in this support article Row-Level Permissions.

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Thanks @Kal_Lam for your quick response. You’re totally rights but that was not the problem. I found out that I was unable to see the data just because I granted permissions to anyone (without kobo account) to submit data and in the same wanted users to see data from specifics users.

Thanks again for your help


@Gaspard, :bowing_man: :tada: