Unable to submit data after changing the username

am failing to send forms after change of username, i have already collected my data

I want to send data forms but its failing, the username was changed

Hi @eduband,

Welcome to the community! Could you explain a bit more about the issue you are having? It’s a bit unclear on how you changed your username. Is it that you changed your account username or is it that you changed your project name? Could you also attach us a screenshot of the error message that you are seeing while trying to submit your data. This would be more helpful to the community who are willing to help you with the problem.

the username and URL were changed

Hi @eduband,

In this case, would you mind checking your server URL from the KoBoCollect android app. Please ensure that it should be https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/user_name. Please note that user_name is your account name. Beneath the URL you will see an area to provide your username as well as password (leave them blank here at the moment). If these URL setting are correct, then you should be able to send your completed forms from your KoBoCollect mobile app to your KoBoToolbox account with no issue.