Unable to upload/submit form

Hi All, when trying to submit the completed form I get an error message: “Error Generic Exception Error: (413)” - Please could someone assist?

Hi @henryvanderdoes, Welcome to commnuity! Can you please elaborate more? and upload your xls form if it is possible?

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Hi @osmanburcu -

The platform says that new users aren’t allowed to uplaod documents. So sadly I cant share it with you.

But basically we completed a form, now I’m trying to submit it to the server, but it wont let me. I wonder if that’s because it has photos attached to it that are bigger than is allowed? I’m not sure how to change the size of data that can be submitted/uploaded.

But then I wonder why other forms which also had photos attached to it didn’t have the same problem?

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Hi @henryvanderdoes, i will tag the @Kal_Lam to give you permission to upload document. After that we can go though your form to see what is the problem

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Hi @osmanburcu, thanks for your help.
See attached the form and a screenshot of the error message. Im also told that our plan limit, could that be it?
a982Ma74SjxVDN5vTLhibN.xlsx (18.7 KB)

I checked your form, i didn’t see any problem with your form. It is most likely to be because of store limit.

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@henryvanderdoes, kindly please check your submissions/storage usages under the ACCOUNT SETTINGS>Usage. If it’s exceeded, you can upgrade your account from ACCOUNT SETTINGS>Plans.

Please feel free to reach us through support@kobotoolbox.org if you have any issues regarding your upgrades. We would be happy to help you out there.

Hi @Kal_Lam and @osmanburcu I have upgraded our account but the form is still not uploading. I get the same 413 Error message. Could it be that the form settings don’t allow for data above a certain size to be uploaded/submitted?

@Kal_Lam and @osmanburcu - thanks for your help, much appreciated.
I upgraded our storage capacity to 5 GB but I still cant submit the form. Do you know what the issue might be. Could my issues be the same as the post linked below? If so how do I change these settings?

@henryvanderdoes, kindly please be informed that the 413 error code occurs when the size of a client’s request exceeds the server’s file size limit. This means you are trying to submit a large submission that is not permitted by the system.

Thanks for your repsonse @Kal_Lam - What could be a solution? Is there a way I can reduce the file size?

@henryvanderdoes, if you are capturing an image, audio, or video from your device, then you can control the quality and size of the same through your device’s camera setting. The second option is to control the media size as outlined in this support article “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video” and “File” question types and as outlined in this site here.

Thanks @Kal_Lam Is there a way to change the size images that are part of a form that has already been completed but not yet uploaded? Otherwise I dont know how to go about submitting this form!

I just checked the form, the pixel size was 1024. Is it worth adjusting this downwards?

Alternatively, I just followed the link on the error message, which took me here:
Im not sure what its about but could this somehow be a solution?

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Not from within the system. But will keep this topic open for our super users to chime in with some workarounds foryou.