Unable to upload xls form


Since last week I have been unable to upload any xls form, either for a new project or to replace a deployed one.

The message that pops up is: “Your library assets have uploaded and are queued for processing. This may take a few moments.” However they are not uploaded.

Yesterday, as I was trying again, my xls form for my new survey did upload, as well as all the versions I had tried during the week before. After that, however, it went back to not being able to upload.

Also, since this brief moment of updating yesterday, somehow an older survey I had deployed now shows the one I was trying to upload this week. Preview and edit show the incorrect survey now, and the two older versions (history) also show the incorrect survey…but the webform and KoboCollect app still show the original, correct survey.

Has anyone else had any problems similar to this…I’m at my wits end and worried about sending my team into the field with surveys that may not be correct.