Unable to view reports of all Projects on my profile

I’m unable to view reports of all Projects under my profiles. Getting error “This report cannot be loaded.”


Server Error (500)

@Kal_Lam @jnm Please help look into this issue.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @Ayobami! Could you also let us know when was it last displaying smoothly? Maybe this should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Last Thursday 2nd of September

Did you design this survey project through the formbuilder or did you use the xlsform?

Used XLS form upload

OK. So could you also explain the community on why you used the bindnd::English (en) header in your xlsform?


Hello @Kal_Lam . I am having the same issue. username: swifting_g. Please help look into this

Have no idea… The form was designed by a WORLD BANK project team and has been working perfectly since it’s inception till recently

OK, no worries. Could you request them the specific use of the same so that we could track the issue down? Maybe we could wait for the response till then.

I’ll revert

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Good day @Kal_Lam , I was told the bindnd:: header is used for prerequisite questions that will require further response later, like, does the household owns a car? which later on, the respondent will be asked to provide the number of car(s) owned by the same household…

Further checks into this revealed that, the original template uploaded to the server doesn’t contain the ‘‘English (en)’’ part of the header, but the default language on the server was recently set to English (en) in an attempt to debug the non display of submission report

OK, could you share with us the xlsform you had upload previously which has the bindnd that was not distorted as you say which is distorted now?

This is the XLSFORM …

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Thank you @Ayobami! I have received your xlsform. Will have a look at it and then get back to you soon.

Good day @Kal_Lam . A humble reminder on this issue please.

Thank you

When going through your user account I see that the DATA>Table seems to be OK while the DATA>Reports seems to be having issues. Could you confirm that all the survey projects have the same issue with your account?

Yes, all Projects on my account is having this issue

Does all the survey project also have binded:: in it?

Yes, all have the binded:: in it

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