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I’m building a job satisfaction survey to my company staff, the question is there a way to make sure that each staff member can submit the form only once ? since this survey is completely anonymous and have no ID or name ?


You can use ‘single submission’ which doesn’t load a new blank form after submitting data: image

There is no way to verify that a user didn’t submit data multiple times. What some people do is to send random codes to each potential respondents and ask them to paste them in a text field, to protect against random submissions by unauthorized users or against multiple submissions They would need to trust you that you don’t keep a register of email addresses and random codes, though.


Hi @mshabib,

Welcome to the community! You could also have a look at the discussion that has been discussed earlier which might be helpful for you:

hey, thanks for your reply. However, the first condition from building this survey is that I should never know whos the user submitting and a laptop or the same device can only submit the form once. so is there another way ?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @mshabib,

Though there is no specific feature in KoBoToolbox where a user can be controlled to submit only one form. Apart from what @tinok and @stephanealoo suggested, would like to add one more workaround i.e. deviceid, where Enketo generates a unique ID for a browser (which though does not fully control the unique submission, but helps you to identify whether a user has submitted multiple times):

Check the device id under the Layout & Settings which is under the FORM tab.

You should be able to see the duplicate submissions as shown in the image below:

Please note, if the user submits data from 2 different browsers (e.g. chrome, mozilla firefox etc.) or a device (e.g. PC, tablet) this approach does not work.

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