Unnamed Language Appearing On Its Own

I have been working in a form for a while now, but in the past 2 days when I have tried to edit the form it will give me the error that an unnamed language has been added. I have not been adding these unnamed languages- and have been removing it every time in order to edit the form. Each time that I remove the unnamed language, it somehow also clears the row and column names for each of the matrixes in the form, which I have repeatedly re-entered. Does anyone know how to keep this problem from occurring?

Hi @katie,

Could you upload the image of the error message that you are seeing. Would also be helpful to checkout the real reasons on why you faced the error message if you could state the process of what you did.

This is the error message that I get when I try to edit the form. Although I have not added a translation it shows that there is an unnamed on the form. Most of the time it will not let me delete the unnamed translation either.

Hi @katie,

Could you kindly have a look at the following support article Adding another language to your form in the Project Dashboard. Also in the article, you will see a link to the language codes.

Maybe you could share your xls forms (if you wish to) if it still does not work.

Thank you for the recommended article. However it does not address my problem. I know how to work the translating function but I do not know how to keep the software from adding an unnamed language by itself. The unnamed language spontaneously appearing is what is causing my issues.

Hi @katie,

Could you download the xls form and share with us. Maybe we could help you through the xlsform.

I have not been able to successfully download it in the xlsform- every time I attempt it gives me server error.

I am facing the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

Hi @SaloniSalaria
Could you check the discussions here


Thanks so much. Yes, I checked out this link and were able to work through it. Thanks again fotbwuick reply.

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I have followed the above conversation but am still facing the same challange today,how did you sort it?

Hi @philib,

Would advise you to sort out the issue by following the steps outlined below:

  • Download your xlsform
  • Scan your xlsform for any translations that is incomplete
  • Upload (replace) your xlsofrm
  • Redeploy your survey form

Have a great day!

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