Updates after kobotoolbox deployment on own server on AWS

Dear Fellows

Please let me tell, I deployed the KoboToolbox on AWS from previous 1 years, but I still do not update the server since June 2017. If I update the KoboToolbox now, does it effect the existing data /databases like existing surveys.

I am more concerned about the existing users’ data and huge surveys.



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Thanks for your qustion …
Kindly not that it there is no any effect the existing data /databases like existing surveys.
It will be as same
With now awesom window

Hisham alkhalidi

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Hi Kaleem,

My understanding is that Hisham Alkhalidi is correct - updating Kobotoolbox should not affect data that has already been collected on your server.

However: it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you have a complete backup of your entire platform before doing any sort of upgrade. I believe AWS has ways to create snapshots of a virtual server, and I recommend doing that before running an upgrade - then if anything does go wrong, you can always restore the server to before the upgrade.

Kind regards,
~ Dave.