Upload GIFs

Hello, How can I upload GIFs? I set up GIFs in my form and they appear in preview but not in the deployed form. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

@Moemoe, where are you trying it? Are you trying this with Collect android app or with Enketo?

collect android app

Have you deployed/redeployed your project after uploading your GIF? That should solve your issue.

Yes, I did. But it still doesn’t work. It’s like some errors from my side. Thanks anyway.

@Moemoe, could you check out the following:

  • Download your GIF and then see if you are able to view them normally in your PC.
  • Check the name of your GIF (which you uploaded in your server) and the name you provided in your xlsform? If this name does not match, it should have an issue. Note: while providing the name in your xlsform you should also provide the extension (else it may not work as expected)