Uploading media files

I noticed that when I upload csv files using the Settings->Media link ( kf.kobotoolbox.org/#/forms/my_form_ID/settings/media), a message comes out saying that legacy features are no longer supported.

The message in full is this.

And when i proceeded to the link to the new interface it opens a page at kc.kobotoolbox.org which I understand is the legacy server and gives me an error result.

Thanks for any assistance.

I just made a check and it should work fine. Would you mind refreshing your page and trying it again.

I’m sorry. My post was not complete. So the error i described happened after I selected a file in my computer and clicked on the upload button.

upload media file button

Do you see the issue again?

Yes, the error is still there. I tried using Chrome after seeing it happen when I used Edge browser.

I tried Chrome at my end too but did not see any issue. Would you mind sharing with me your csv file. Maybe i could try uploading your csv file and see what’s wrong.

here is the link to the file in google drive:

I solved it. I tried to upload a file that still existed on the server. When I deleted the file on the server and uploaded an updated copy, it worked. Thanks.

FYI, please be informed that i am able to upload your csv file without any issue:

I thought that when you upload an update to a csv file to the server without deleting the older version that is in the server, it would just overwrite it. It turns out it doesn’t.

It would be nice if you upload an updated version of a media file to the server, it would just overwrite files of the same name. My form uses 17 csv files and deleting it one by one takes a bit of time. Thanks

Well it seems like you have uploaded a csv file with name say x and you try to upload the same file x again. In this case you should see an error message as you say/show. The solution to get rid of this is that you will have to delete the previous file x and then make a fresh upload of the file x. Note the same csv file name that is already in the server is not allowed by the system.

If you need a different version of the csv file may be you could rename your csv file as csv1, csv2, csv3 etc. The important thing is that the csv names should be unique.