Users can't see proyect that I already share with them

Hi, as you can see in the subject of this topic, I have a proyect that i shared with other users, but they can’t see it on their account.
I already tried to remove them from the proyect and I share it again, but it doesn’t works.
Can you help me?


Is it in their user account or is it in their Collect android app?

Hi, is in their user account.

@ljaramonsalve, could you share with us a screenshot of the same so that we could also visualize your issue?

Sure. Here is the list of people who have access to the proyect. I highlighted in yellow the person who is having troubles.

And here is her account without any proyect shared with her


Kindly remove all the permissions shared to clopez_mex and then restart your browser and give the permissions afresh.


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Thanks you both @stephanealoo and @Kal_Lam I have no longer the problem!