Users sees 'Error 500' when creating report or exporting data

Dear Kal Lam,

Would you think it would be possible to get a warning on Kobo when data are already submitted and people want to modify the form? I mean to get a warning giving “please paid attention to it” as some changes on the forms could affect export and creation of reports?


@cindyb, it’s not the same case always. If users are cautious and handle this tactfully, it wouldn’t be an issue. But if users haphazardly make changes that affect the previous variable names, it could be an issue.

At the moment, if users change the variable name of the deployed repeat group question and then make a redeployment, they may have to face issues with exporting data.

Thanks for answering. Do you have any guideline or documentation about using Kobo and more specifically about issues that can be faced by users ?

@cindyb, we have a lot of support articles here. Maybe that should be helpful for you. Besides, if you search the forum, you should be able to find a lot of issues where we have responded (that should help).

Thank yoy Kal Lam for the link toward the support articles! Very interesting!
And I have another question on our issue on creating report and export that did not work because of the modification of the type of the question. You told us we have change the form from a question type using select multiple file from…And we need to identify which submissions are impacted with this old form. Do you know how we can find this?


@cindyb, you could do this manually as outlined below:

  • Download all your xlsform (i.e., all the versions of your xlsforms). You should be able to identify the total number of deployments as outlined in our support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions. You may need to clone them if required.
  • Once you have all the xlsforms (with different versions), you will need to manually compile them and see the changes made to your xlsfrom from the first version to the latest version.

Thank you. But I do not find how to proceed to download the different versions of the xls form?

@cindyb, clone the version of the project that you wish to download. Once you have cloned, you should be able to download the xlsform for that version.