Users shared to a project is removed (repetitive)

hi, we have shared the project to a number of admin users so that they will be the ones who will add member users to the said project.

Now, the issues we have encountered is:

  1. Member users that are being added (given some time) are missing or removed automatically by the system;
  2. Admin users permission is reverted back only to add submission(they were granted as Modify Project);

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @depperloc! Could you also let us know the total number of users you are sharing currently? This should give us a clue about your issue.

Hi thank you for your response, I am expecting a total of nearly 1500 users.
Is there a limit for users to be shared with? If yes, how many users will it allow?

@depperloc, yes, that’s a huge number. The current limit is approximately 100 users.