Using Kobo REST Service with AWS API Gateway

Has anyone any experience using AWS API gateway to create an API endpoint that can be used by the Kobo REST service to POST new responses to. A use case would be to trigger an email notification through AWS SES each time a survey response is received.

Microsoft Power Automate (flow) used to have a http connector that accomplished this in a simple way, however the connector is now only available in the premium version, prompting me to switch.

Any tips or examples from those who use AWS API Gaterway (or similar) for this would be really appreciated.

Have you gone through our support article REST Services. It should be helpful.

Hi Kal,
Yes, the Kobo REST Services documentation is excellent. My question is not so much about the Kobo REST functionality but more on examples of how to use/integrate the API calls into other platforms.

Feel free to remove if its too off-topic.

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We could keep this post open to have some thoughts and examples from the community.