Using KoBoToolbox to help select M&E Indicators

Hi everyone, I have a question whether KoBoToolbox can be used to help field agents select appropriate m&e indicators for a particular training AND if so, how to set it up in KoBoToolbox. I’m an agriculture peace corps volunteer in West Africa. After we receive m&e training, each volunteer gets emailed this long list of indicators for our four sectors (agriculture, agroforestry, health and business activities). If, for example, I want to host a training on how to create a fruit tree nurseries, selling fruit trees as an income generating activity and vitamins associated with a particular fruit, I have to look through the list to find ALL associated indicators. Problem is, volunteers either aren’t consistently reporting indicators OR aren’t reporting. We want to use KoBoToolbox to make it easier to help us determine what indicators go with a particular activity. For example, if my counterpart and I are hosting a training on how to make tree nurseries, then I want to be able to pull up the offline tool on my smartphone (android, iPhone, etc), then select tree nursery, then get a list of associated indicators with creating a tree nursery, income generation, nutrition AND any other possible output and outcome indicators such as number of fruit trees that survived four months after out planting, number of individuals receiving gov training on income generating activities (i.e., selling fruit trees), food transformation that I might not have thought of. Thanks in advance.

This sounds like an external dataset, accessed via pulldate() to populate subsequent questions. I might suggest looking as this link (and search for others), and seeing if it will address your desired usecase. It will require generating an appropriate CSV file containing all your required (static) data, but once done you can then construct your form to pull out and show whatever relevant data you need as the user progresses through your form.

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Hi @pcs_ag_lmt_2019,

Backing up with @Xiphware would like to share with you the step by step support article on pull data.

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Hi Xiphware, thanks much for the quick response!