Using Pseudo (non-unicode) Burmese Script

Hi there,

I’m building a pseudo Burmese script excel form and will later be downloading it on tablets that use the same pseudo script. All computers that will later be used to analyse data will use the same script (called Zawgyi). I have downloaded a sample onto a tablet and it appears to work. If all computers and devices being used for this form use the same script, are there any other reasons that I should be using unicode?



Hi John,
I realize this is an old post, but wondering if you can you share how you downloaded Zawgyi onto the tablets? I’m programming a survey in Sgaw Karen and having an issue where the Zawgyi script looks OK in Excel but then does not show up well on the tablets. We’ve tried other fonts (Padauk) but it is so slow to type.



This is pretty interesting. However, the information you have provided does not seem to indicate you have a very specific issue. Your post may benefit from additional information, some examples of what you wanted to achieve and the specific issues you are experiencing.