Values show in Excel sheet

Dear staff, I have started using Kobotoolbox for work purposes for about 3-4 months ago and I like it but there are some issues I wish to discuss. I will do my best to explain as much as possible. I have one question that is inter-related to many other questions I am seeking answers for. I am using kobo collected data to visualize it on PowerBI.

In the survey that we have created at work (with another account than this I am writing from) we have revised the questionnaire a little bit because the surveyed people wished to include an under category to one of the existing questions back then. Therefore, what I did was that I removed the existing question they wished to change and added a new question as a “cascading select”. As such I wrote down the same values for the questions, and added a new value for the new question and new values for the two new subalternative answers. What happened thereafter is that when downloading the Excelsheet some of the alternative answers are showing as value codes instead of village names as they used to before. So, meaning that when I compare two Excel sheets extracted from two different periods (one from pre-change of the survey and the second one from post-change of the survey) in the second excel post-changed, the name of the villages is shown as values instead for instance instead of “Hasbaiya” as shown in the first, it is shown as “LBN42017”. Also, I have noticed that I still can get the names of the villages, only if I do not tick “Include fields from all 15 deployed versions”. If I do not tick that box I get to see the excel sheet with 972 entries. If i tick the box I see 971 entries. As there are so many entries I can not really see the difference, why is there a difference of 1 entry? Therefore, I am unsure what is the fault or which shall be done, ticket and unticked box?

The details really help but I will try summarizing the response based on a couple of scenarios.

Did you have the first versions have Value labels being different from the village name e…g if a village was say name Examplevillage was its value examplevillage (option a) or it had a corresponding value such as LNB2017 (option b)? If the value was examplevillage then ticking to get previous versions should not have been a problem. In this case it seems that the problem was that the values seem to have changed in the latest version where you use (option b) from the previous use of (option a)…

Given the amount of data collected, I suggest you only download in the current version since. Ideally the previous version allows you to get all columns that you may have previously deleted. However when you changed the nature of the question (column or variable) it should be important to note:

  1. The time the column was changed and you consider the data collected up to that point based on that format.
    2.Use the most recent version of the form to define the data collected with it.

In summary: use only the version of form to define data collected with it since you had changed how one of the questions is defined in the previous versions of the form.