We are directed to a page with no controls and no “create account” function

Some of the answers here seem directed at Kobo customers who have server access. I am just a traveller, and I believe that applies to some others here. We are directed to a page with no controls and no “create account” function. Either you have a name and password or you do not. We do not. I have a flight out of Honduras in less than 24 hours and I do NOT want to be told that I can’t go home!

Apologies for replying on multiple threads, but since they are here…

The form you show as a solution is not being shown. There is only a request for credentials that we don’t have. Note that we are travellers, not Kobotoolbox customers who have accounts or any knowledge of the server setup.

Welcome to the community, @VeloSteve! If you are not the admin of this project, then please inform your admin owner of the project to check the following setting under the FORM as shown in the image below:

The admin owner of the project should check Allow submissions to this form without a username and password as shown in the image below:


Once this is done at the project (server), you will not need to see this login credentials again.

You are completely missing the point. I have no reason and no way to know who the administrator is. It is probably some government worker on Honduras or a consultant they have hired.

Perhaps you need to reach out to your customer (Honduras customs or health, or whoever it is) and help them make the product work. Individual travelers cannot be expected to diagnose problems on a server they didn’t know existed. The form in question is linked from the final page after you fill out this one:

The name of the problem form is something (at least in part) “Epidemiological Surveillance Sheet”