What happens to the collected forms in Collect and Enketo if the submission rights are removed?

@Kal_Lam. 2 questions, please.

If submission rights or acess definition (like single submission only) are changed, does this work directly or only after re-deployment of a form?

If a submission right is deleted for a user, what would happen, if she/he tries to send not yet sent submissions (Collect or Enketo)?

It’s only about getting the URL link, hence no need to redeploy if already deployed.

In the case of Collect android app the user would not be able to submit the data to the server. In the case of Enketo the user is still able to submit as the link is still active. But if you still want to block this, you could check the Require authentication to see forms and submit data in the admin account. That setting should prevent the user from submitting data to the server.

Will however get back to you to let you know if this can still be controlled (like the Collect android app does).

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