What is your name?

Are you ,male or female?
What is the name of your next of kin?
Do you like to make a difference in the way people live?
What is your profession?
Have you visited the needy in your area before?
What is it that they were needing?
How did you respond to their needs?
Given an opportunity to change humanity, do you have the passion?
Do you have any strategy?
What is it?
How many NGOs are in the community where you live?
Have you inquired from them what their daily chores are?
After meeting a person who has not bathed for days, how do you react?
When someone asks for food, which food do you provide?
Which is the type of food that is common in your area?
Given a chance to help the poor, would you expect a salary?
How much would you need?
Would you like to travel abroad on humanitarian work?
Will you family be happy if you leave them for a long time to attend such missions?
How long can you be away from your family?

Welcome to the community, @L0210297J! Could you make your issue a bit clear as it is not clear at the moment for the community to help you out?