Why deployed forms does not appear in all mobile

i have deployed 7 forms and in my mobile appear just 4 of them.

Hi @ammaar_al_nofaish,

Is your issue solved? Is this the same case you have opened here:

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it is solved and all forms appearwd when i wrote in the server this link
then i went to get a blank form need my username and my password
but when it was as i put it like this
https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/(my user name)
i was appear just 4 forms

can you tell me why

Hi @ammaar_al_nofaish,

This is because, if you need to GET BLANK FORMS deployed from your account you could use:

But if you wish to GET BLANK FORMS from all that is within your user account (deployed through your account as well as those that was shared with you) you will have to use:

But the safest way is to use the second approach as it will GET BLANK FORMS that is deployed form your user account as well as that was shared with you by someone.

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Hello @Kal_Lam ,
would be great to add this in the support article.
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