Word limit in text response field in Kobo forms

I wanted to check if there is any word / character limit while collecting data in “text” type.
Earlier, I didn’t face any challenge in terms of the word count in collecting longer text responses. But now I have observed that it limits to around 2000 characters.
Is there any way we can change this limit ?


You may want to check on the following discussion around the same


Hi @shb :smiley: Due to a change in Enketo, the maximum number of characters for text responses in web forms indeed recently became 2000 characters. However, we can increase this by modifying the server configuration. What do you think would be an appropriate upper bound?

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Hi @shb,

Also please be informed that if you are collecting data using text questions on your KoBoCollect mobile application you will not have to face the limits of 2000 character like you faced in Enketo. For more information please see the support article on Limits on number and text responses.

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Hi @jnm,

My sincere apologies for responding late. Some of the responses we are trying to collect using the form need the respondents to elaborate on the field situation and hence 2000 characters are limiting the details we wish to collect. May be 5000 is a good number.

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Hi. My sincere apologies for resposning late.

Thank you for sharing. Will try using the mobile app. It was easier to use enketo forms on laptops for questions which need longer responses. so we were using them. Will definitely check using KoBoCollect app.


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Hello @jnm! How can I do this modification of the server?

Dear @analucia_espinoza,
maybe also have a look here?

Kind regards

Hi! I was there, but I couldn’t find that server modification :frowning: Anyway, We’re uploading a word document if there’s a really extensive description of the activity related in the form. Also, I looked up in our database and I couldn’t find any lost information after 256 characters. Some of the text responses are around 1200 characters and had no problem.

Thank you anyway! :sweat_smile:

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Hello everyone,

Limit as been increased on following servers: