Xls export failing

I have always been able to download my data in XLS format until today 10th September when it started me EXPORT FAILED.

Welcome to the community @nassp_osun_socu! Could you please let us know the server you are using?

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Hi @nassp_osun_socu,

Can you please send me the following in a private message:

  • server (HHI/OCHA)
  • username
  • project

@nassp_osun_socu, in the meantime, can you please try your export with the following box ticked and see if it succeeds:

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Not working

Hi @nassp_osun_socu, the two columns of bindnd, bindnd::relevant stood out as I was looking at your XLSForm. When I removed them, uploaded the form and redeployed I could then successfully export the data (if the “include data for all versions” tick box was unchecked). Can you please clarify the purpose of those columns?

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Hi @nassp_osun_socu, I’ve tracked down the issue and you can follow the fix here:

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I do not think those columns are the issues because I have been using this form for quite some time and never had issues with downloading in xls.

Hi @nassp_osun_socu, a fix will be deployed shortly. Please use the legacy XLS export in the meantime — fortunately that is still working.

legacy xls

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